WordSmithing: Exploiting Spontaneous Utterances in Aphasia Treatment & Recovery - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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These activities will help the SLP and caregiver take advantage of those words or phrases that a person with aphasia (PWA) occasionally say out loud.  These islands of appropriate, spoken communication tell us that that within,  the PWA retains an ability to talk which we want to exploit.   Learn the techniques that the aphasia experts use to go beyond traditional efforts such as closure tasks, imitation and passive cueing to dynamic interactions that activate and coordinate the mental processes necessary for deliberate speech. 

This product contains full instructions, ideas, real-time modifications and evidence references for the following four spoken word recovery activities: 

  1. Reflection
  2. Reflect, Release, Create
  3. Response Elaboration Training (RET) - traditional and modified versions
  4. Voluntary Control over Involuntary Utterances (VCIU) - traditional and modified versions

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