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This HANDOUT-ABLE is a summary of stuttering modification / fluency-enhancing techniques for patients who stutter.  The more frequently strategies are practiced in different settings and contexts, the more benefit the speaker will tend to receive from the methods.   This 4-page document discusses 8 modification and 6 enhancing techniques.   

  • Working with a speech-language pathologist on developing a hierarchy of situational concerns is a good way to start performing desensitization to reduce avoidance behaviors.
  • All strategies should be utilized under the supervision and direction of a licensed and certified SLP.
  • Talking about the experience of stuttering with an SLP can aid in being reassured that feelings surrounding stuttering are typical, expected, and can be challenging.
  • Finding a way to embrace stuttering behaviors as only one aspect of a speaker’s communication — there are many part of how a speaker communicates — that can be a strength.
  • Focusing on the other aspects of communication can build confidence.

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