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Rhyme, Synonym, Antonym: High-Level Cognitive Exercise - WORD DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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n order for a PWA to maximize his/her recovery, treatment and practice must go beyond traditional efforts to complete closure tasks, imitate, or search for a pre-targeted word.  The goal of this treatment and practice activity is for the client to be able to generate words and semantic relationships while performing various mental processes that increase in difficulty.  We cannot overemphasize the  importance of addressing cognitive problems in an effective aphasia recovery program.  While the effectiveness of using apps and programs to drill mental skills such as memory and attention continues to be debated, plentiful evidence exists that clearly supports the value of threading work on the cognitive underpinnings that support communication including recent work on dual processing.  Threading work on cognition into the treatment for speech and language sidesteps the issue of just working on isolated cognitive drills and tasks.

This is the second in a series of exercises dedicated to improving the high-level cognitive underpinnings for speech and language recovery the first being Verbing With An Attitude: High Level Cognitive Exercise.  Its corresponding exercise for moderate - severe aphasia is Verbing Aphasia Exercise

This 16-page, telepractice-friendly product contains:

  • full instructions with multiple ideas for expanding and modifying the exercise.
  • a measurable goal-performance objective.
  • worksheets with 7 pages of stimuli coordinated for progress.
  • a discussion of rationale and professional issues. 
  • a sample score sheet for tracking data.
  • full evidence-based reference list. 

This product is in WORD format which would allow entering data directly into the practice worksheets.

Click here for the PDF format of this exercise which is more compatible to entering answer by pencil. 





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