Reflect-Release-Create - Conversation Creation Activity - WORD format

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Are you frustrated with how your aphasia treatment does not result in independent connected speech by your client?  Are you ready for the missing link -  a treatment activity that bridges the traditional imitation, SLP overly-cued drills?   The goal of this exercise is for the client with aphasia to be able to generate words in a creative manner that over time increase in meaning, robustness and type.  This exercise transcends traditional ‘word recall’ treatment to help the person with aphasia (PWA) begin to tap into the normal mental processes for mapping concepts onto word forms.   

An aphasia recovery program that truly exploits neuroplasticity to maximize recovery must find a way for the person with aphasia to independently speak and converse.  This exercise is telepractice-friendly, can be modified  for aphasia group work and adaptable for working with children.   This product is one of our "Pick it up and Do it" treatment exercises.

This 4 page telepractice friendly exercise contains:

  • full instructions for this unique activity.
  • 3 training videos with an actual client.
  • 2 measurable, performance objectives.
  • 8 ideas for scaffolding, expanding, advancing and group work with the task.

This product is in WORD format which is more compatible with entering responses by keyboard.  To purchase the PDF format, which is more compatible with using a pen to enter responses, click here.