Question Pronouns:  Interrogatives/ - PDF DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Question Pronouns: Interrogatives/ - PDF DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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The goal of this exercise is for the client to reconnect (aphasia) or learn to use (child; accent reduction)  English question-interrogative pronouns by using context and concepts. Pronouns make up 25% of the 100 most frequently used words in English.   Moreover, they frequently begin sentences in conversation. The ability to create questions and to interview others in communication contexts often depends upon question pronouns.   This product is part of the PickUp Doable series at EverythingSLP.

Each teacher/SLP will use the exercise as appropriate based on the individual client needs, formative assessment, translation of evidence, etc.  Have the client study the concept chart on this page in respect to the color-coding system. Teachers/SLPs can provide the sentence, news headline, or short story in the top box for analysis by the client or student.   For extra practice, use the Pronoun modules in the Aphasia Sight Reader program at EverythingSLP

This 13-page telepractice friendly exercise includes:

  • Simple to implement instructions and ideas
  • 2 measurable, performance objective
  • A learning tool: the color-coded Question Pronoun Sample 
  • Client practice worksheets that you can personalize 


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