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Phrasal Verbs for Aphasia Exercise - PDF DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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Speakers use phrasal verbs quite frequently in everyday speech and conversation.  Phrasal verbs combine a verb and a preposition, adverb, or both to create a new meaning beyond just the 2 words.  Phrasal verbs offer special and creative opportunities for aphasia treatment and practice such as introducing prepositions; focusing on verbs and adding idiomatic expressions to the aphasia treatment adding a more natural context. 

The goal of this activity is for the person with aphasia to begin to use verbs, and in particular phrasal verbs, in speech and conversation.  In order to maximize aphasia recovery, practice needs to go beyond naming and noun recall to incorporate verbs, which are required in order to generate a sentence.  This activity coordinates well with a program such as VNEST enhancing the activation of both the semantic and syntactic aspects of verbs.  

This 16-page, telepractice-friendly product contains:

  • full instructions for 2 different phrasal verb activities.
  • practice worksheets both with samples stimuli and blank.
  • 15 ideas for scaffolding, expanding, and group work.
  • a discussion of rationale and professional issues. 

This product is in PDF format which is more compatible to entering answers by pencil. 

Click here for the WORD format which would allow entering data directly into the practice worksheets.