Light up the Lemma - a digital download with demonstration video

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Now you can break through the drudgery of tired word finding drills.  Help your clients independently activate and generate words using their own creative mental processes.  Then, assist them in using their own thoughts to create and say sentences.   Activities like these can make real differences in a client's ability to attend, take turns, verify, clarify, create and interact, all of which facilitate propositional speech and conversation.   Avoid the inadvertent learned helplessness that accompanies excessive external cueing.   

This product is part of the PickUp Doable series at EverythingSLP.

This 11-page telepractice friendly product contains:

  1. the original exercise with detailed instructions.
  2. a performance objective for the exercise.
  3. ideas for scaffolding and advancing the client's performance.
  4. 5 pages of stimuli and practice materials.
  5. a 7-minute demonstration video by the authors.
  6. references for research based evidence including URL links.

This activity co-ordinates well with other mindful treatment activities that encourage the client's ability to independently create speech and language: 

A. Reflect>Release>Create 

B. Wordsmithing     

C. Logic Language Puzzles


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