How to Treat Yes-No Apraxia - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

How to Treat Yes-No Apraxia - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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One of the most frustrating results of apraxia is when the person with aphasia has trouble answering even simple, straightforward questions begging for a simple yes/no response.  The technique in this product offers a unique, effective and interactive way to deal with this problem.   Many clients have begun to answer these questions with less stress and more accuracy.  

Acquired apraxia (AA) negatively impacts both the daily life and recovery of, not only stroke victims, but also others suffering from brain injury, and progressive neurological disorders.  The jury is in -  acquired apraxia is treatable.  

    Author: William Connors, MA,CCC-SLP.  One of the aphasia expert clinicians at AphasiaToolbox, Bill has helped thousands of SLPs and organizations gain advanced competence in the treatment of aphasia and its related disorders at numerous venues.


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