Verbing: Ejercicio de afasia - Formato PDF

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The goal of this exercise is for the client with aphasia to activate and utilize verbs.  Without a verb, a sentence cannot exist.  Verbs may: make a statement; help to ask a question; give a command; express action and express a state of being, for example.  While researchers and clinicians have long recognized that verb recall and usage is often impaired after stroke, insufficient attention has been paid to verb recovery in rehabilitation.   Focusing on noun recall may be a case of picking the low lying fruit in the treatment process.An aphasia recovery program that truly exploits neuroplasticity to maximize recovery, must address both the semantic and syntactic elements of verbs.  This exercise is telepractice-friendly, can be modified  for aphasia group work and adaptable for working with children.   This product is one of our "Pick it up and Do it" treatment exercises.

This 13 page telepractice friendly exercise contains:

  • full instructions for this unique activity.
  • 2 measurable, performance objectives.
  • 13 ideas for scaffolding, expanding, advancing and group work with the task.
  • comprehensive treatment stimuli.
  • blank practice charts.

This product is in WORD format which is more compatible with entering responses by keyboard.  To purchase the PDF format, which is more compatible with using a pen to enter responses, click here.