How to Treat & Manage Pure Alexia / Letter by Letter Reading- DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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This product offers, in 2 powerpoint presentations, detailed treatment and practice programs and instructions for treating Pure Alexia.  Letter-by-letter reading, most typically associated with stroke in the left temporal-occipital region of the brain, involves readers identifying each letter of the word they are reading serially in left to right order before recognizing and saying the word.  It may also be know as alexia without agraphia.  The sight reading neural pathway is no longer available for everyday reading comprehension in these cases.  When the person's letter naming is also impaired, letter-by-letter reading is inaccurate and can render even single word reading very poor.  Shorter words tend to have a much greater likelihood of being read than longer words.  

This disorder can seriously impact quality of life for people as reading is such a critical part of life.   Available nowhere else, this product is part of the PickUp Doable Aphasia series at EverythingSLP.

This  telepractice friendly product contains:

  1. A 20-slide powerpoint presentation that offers sections on: introduction to the problem; treatment approaches such as Multiple Oral Re-Reading; Flash Word Identification; Simultaneous Reading & Listening; How to use the Aphasia Sight Reader Software program and 3 others;  full reference list.
  2. An 86-slide powerpoint presentation concerning a detailed, relatively successful case study an 18 year old client with letter-by-letter reading.  



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