How to Treat & Manage Auditory Comprehension Problems in Aphasia Full Program- DIGITAL and VIDEO DOWNLOAD

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Of the 2 million Americans and Canadians who have aphasia, the majority experience difficulty understanding and following the speech of others.  This problem is generally referred to as Auditory Comprehension Problems in aphasia (ACP).  This creates frustration and isolates the person with aphasia, significantly reducing quality of life.  

The information, ideas and treatment techniques in this product will assist the SLP, practice coach and caregiver to both overcome the effects of ACP in conversation and also to effectively offer treatment for this problem using techniques that exploit neuroplasticity.  Available nowhere else, this product is part of the PickUp Doable Aphasia series at EverythingSLP.

This  telepractice friendly product contains:

  1. a 34-slide PowerPoint presentation that offers sections on: factors that affect comprehension; 12 strategies to deal with auditory comprehension problems; and 13 techniques for treatment, as well as a reference list.
  2. a 22-minute video by Bill Connors offering training and advice on how to best utilize the factors, strategies and techniques.
  3. a 7-slide informative PowerPoint for consumers.




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