Anagrams for Aphasia Treatment - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Anagrams for Aphasia Treatment - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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Speech pathologists and teachers have creatively used anagrams for treatment and learning for many years.   By their innate structure, anagrams offer unique support for the client and opportunities for treatment.   The exercise targets: letter and word recognition; agraphia-writing and spelling impairment; verbal working memory; alternating and sustained attention; and visual search and processing.   Evidence has clearly demonstrated that improvements in cognitive issues will help improve aphasia and other communication problems.    

This product contains three creative exercises using anagrams in aphasia treatment, practice, and recovery.  They can also be used in other speech language activities.  This product is part of the PickUp Doable series at EverythingSLPMarketplace.

This 11-page telepractice friendly product contains:

  1. Three different exercises each with instructions.
  2. Performance Objectives for each exercise.
  3. Ideas for scaffolding and advancing the client's performance.
  4. Stimuli and practice materials.
  5. A letter tile chart.


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