The Ultimate Guide for SLP Video Platform Selection - a digital download product

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  Selecting the video platform that best matches your needs and exploits your resources can be the most important business decision you make when entering the telepractice experience.   The best-suited platform is more than just a way to see each other and to type.  Until you have experienced the robustness of SLPCentric platforms, it is difficult, probably impossible to imagine how much they enhance the telepractice office and experience. 

  This product organizes, in 8 categories, 93 critical features found in video platforms for therapists.  The companion video presentation discusses these features in more detail.  After using this product, you will be able to recognize what features are important for your success. 

The optimal video platform for you can:

  • not only save money but also make money for you;
  • save valuable time for administrators, therapists and clients;
  • enhance the clinical experience and facilitate the treatment process;
  • improve both internal and external customer satisfaction;
  • facilitate security and privacy compliance;
  • ease communication among SLPs and between supervisor-CFY;
  • and much more.

The FULL product  contains:

  1. the 5 page worksheet and score guide in WORD format 
  2. the 5 page worksheet and score guide in PDF format 
  3. an 18-minute video offering information, training and advice on how to best utilize the content, manual and worksheet.

Coming soon: a series of products that examine a variety of video platforms in detail. 




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