Aphasia Site Reader Program: Discontinued October 2020

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October 2020: The Aphasia Site Reader program has been discontinued due to the sudden passing of it's creator.  We have plans to reformulate and relaunch the Site Reader in 2021.  Please stay tuned.  For an aphasia consultation, see our website EverythingSLP.com.

The aphasia site reader program allows for an unlimited amount of practice by a person with aphasia.   Practice coach or speech pathologist can also find ideas for treatment as well as accompanying printed materials.   

Customizable:  The length of time that the stimulus is observed can be adjusted. This means the target word or words can remain visible while a  person recovering from the aphasia practices or the stimulus can be adjusted so that the word disappears after a given period of time.   This product is part of the PickUp Doable series at EverythingSLP.  This is a one-time charge, no extra costs.  

For consultation on how to most effectively take advantage of the aphasia site reader in a practice program, contact us at Aphasia Toolbox  


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