Exercise Our Speech and Language Skills: All 3 Lessons Wake Up & Slide & Jump- DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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Children preschool-2nd grade are the target population for the 3-pages containing 30+ ideas and activities in this lesson set.   Now you can integrate fun, child-centered, multi-sensory language enrichment into your sessions with this creative GymnastiCs program.   This program will help you integrate many meaningful, adaptable activities into your lesson plans so that several speech/language goals can be targeted at once.   

A recent Northwestern University research study offered proof to the surprising, beneficial link among music, rhythmic abilities and language-reading skills.  This lesson set is available only on EverythingSLP.com . 

Client targets include:

  • expressive, receptive language delays.
  • gross motor movements.
  • social skills.
  • functional skills.
  • phonological awareness.
  • following directions.
  • auditory skills.

Author: Lauren Puleo, CCC-SLP- 
Lauren resides in New York with her two sons, husband and pug, Penny.  She has 20 years experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist working with individuals between the ages of 2-21 who have a wide range of communication impairments.   Lauren’s passion is to be creative and adaptable, while integrating many meaningful activities into her lesson plans so that several speech/language goals can be targeted simultaneously.

This FULL SET - all 3 lessons - at $6.99 represents a 33% discount. 

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