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Logical Language puzzles guide you to use dynamic assessment to see where and why clients’ skills break down in real-life usage, then focus your intervention on their specific deficits in language, thinking and executive function.  View the puzzles in action by clicking here: 

This is SET 2: Intermediate (blue)   Get 60 puzzles––6 packs with 10 puzzles each and the full 22 page Logic Puzzle Treatment Manual that target the concepts listed above (except cataphora and relative clause).  Puzzles use simple declarative sentences, prepositional phrases and compound sentences. Cognitive complexity is limited by using only 3 categories with 3 or 4 details.  Use this set for clients who comprehend the targets in typical language exercises but have trouble comprehending connected text in grade 8 through adult.

Use Logical Language to:

 Motivate clients with a fun challenge matched to their performance level

  • Increase clients’ concept and sentence comprehension in realistic language contexts
  • Teach compensatory strategies that help clients increase their thinking skills
  • Target executive function skills that increase clients’ independence
  • Target language, thinking and executive function skills during a single activity
  • Select puzzles to address the following concepts and sentence structures:   

        *comparative, superlative, conditional

        *location, cardinal directions;  left, right


         *sequence: before, after; temporal, ordinal

         *exclusion, inclusion                     


          *syntax, cataphora; syntax relative clause    

FULL SET - all 3 Books from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced.  Get 180 puzzles––18 packs, including the FULL Logic Puzzle Treatment Manual  Click here to purchase all 3 books at a 20% discount 


 SET 1: Beginner (green)   Get 60 puzzles––10 packs with 6 puzzles each––that target the individual language skills listed above.  Eight packs use simple, declarative sentences with some prepositional phrases.  The 2 syntax packs include complex sentences.  Cognitive complexity is limited by using only 3 categories in each puzzle.  Each category may have 3, 4 or 5 details. Use this set to target individual skills in grade 5 through adult.  Purchase Book 1 here. 

SET 3: Advanced (purple)   Get 60 puzzles––6 packs with 10 puzzles each––that target all the concepts listed above.  Puzzles use simple, compound and complex sentences.  Cognitive complexity is increased by using 3 and 4 categories with 3, 4 or 5 details.  Use this set to increase the therapeutic focus on thinking strategies and executive function skills in grade 8 through adult.                 Purchase Book 3 here.

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