ASD & Young Adults: Book 5- Executive Functioning - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

ASD & Young Adults: Book 5- Executive Functioning - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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This product is BOOK 5 of the ASD & Young Adults series which includes 6 different books with helpful and practical information, handouts, and student worksheets.  Developed by Paula Gallay, an SLP who is also the parent of an adult son with autism spectrum disorder, this book series is intended for therapists working with clients near or after high school graduation.  Many parents report the common experience of losing services and guidance for their children’s education and independent living after graduating.  Moreover, IEP goals in school often transfer poorly to real life skills.  These books not only provide critical information and ideas to help understand the strengths and challenges of ASD students, but also give resources and materials to work on functional and effective goals for transitioning into independent adult life. 

Book 5 Executive Functioning (19 pages) $4.25– Explore the impact of executive functioning skills and how deficits in these skills present in real life for adults with autism spectrum disorder.

 Book 5 contains:

  • specific tools and ideas to support executive functioning deficits.
  • information on how to provide organizational support.
  • several graphic organizer worksheets.
  • student self-reflection worksheets.

 Order Book 5 for $4.25 here:  Book 5 - ASD & Young Adults 

The full set of 6 books can be purchased as a set for $19.40 ( ASD & Young Adults Full Set ) or individually for $4.25 each by searching for the book by name.


Book 1 Foundational Ideas for Building Independence (19 pages) $2.99 Start here as this book is an introduction to working with young adults with ASD.  It serves to introduce “flexible thinking”, sensory and emotional regulation, executive functioning skills and life skills. 

Book 1 presents:

  • the strengths and challenges of ASD.
  • tips for teaching young adults.
  • the importance of visuals.
  • how to work with a literal thinker.


    Book 2 Speech & Communication (19 pages) $4.25–The content in this book centers on communication-focused worksheets which address proper volume, rate, tone, intonation, “body language”, and the importance of silence (for the “too much” talker). 

    In Book 2 you will discover ways to:

    • support eye contact.
    • recognize behavior as communication.
    • facilitate non-verbal language, rate, volume, tone of voice, intonation, proximity, proper breath support.
    • understand sarcasm, irony and idioms. 


    Book 3 Social Thinking & Social Skills (23 pages) – $4.25  This book includes discussion cards for Social Thinking, sample and blank handouts for “social behavior mapping”, and a staff in-service handout.

    Learn in Book 3:

    • core concepts of Social Thinking.
    • why we need social skills.
    • supports for understanding that others have a “social memory” of us.
    • the trouble with talking too much.
    • how to enter a conversation.
    • doing the “social fake”.
    • how social expectations change with age. 


    Book 4 Sensory Regulation & Emotional Regulation (16 pages) $4.25– Discover ways to support ASD young adults who experience disregulation in their sensations and emotions.  

    Book 4 includes worksheets for:

    • sensory inventory and strategies.
    • learning advanced emotions.
    • facial expressions.
    • dealing with anxiety.
    • teaching emotional control.
    • “calm down” strategies.


    Book 6 Transitioning to Adulthood (24 pages) – $4.25

    This book focuses on the transition to adulthood.  It includes a comprehensive life skills checklist, as well as worksheets for job-seeking, budgeting, career development, and disclosing your autism diagnosis. 

    Book 6 will provide you with practical materials for support in the areas of:

    • life skills
    • job-seeking and career development
    • use of Disability Services in college
    • social life
    • dating
    • self-advocacy


    All 6 book package $14.99   



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