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Oral Motor Coordination Treatment protocol to treat apraxia, ataxic dysarthria, and other forms of dysarthria in children and adults as well as support for accent reduction practice.  This protocol focuses on both the basic motor coordination required to ensure treatment progress and the fine motor control for rapid, alternating movements necessary to normalize speech.  This product is just one of our "Pick it up and Do it" treatment protocols. 

This protocol can help improve a person's coordination of air flow with the fine motor moments of the voice, tongue, lips and jaw, supporting treatment of speech-voice problems related to motor impairments as a client generates a variety of coarticulated, intoned syllables sequences.  This exercise addresses:  articulation; anticipatory co-articulation; phonological buffer; phonatory < > oral coordination;  speech diadochokinesis; alternating and sustained attention; motor planning and executions; and enunciation. This protocol is telepractice-friendly.

14 page manual includes:

  • Simple to implement, hierarchically-organized protocol Instructions
  • Link to a training video
  • Client handouts and instructions
  • Research for evidence-basis of protocols with links
  • Evaluation and documentation recommendations and examples
  • Examples for grading task difficulty level and of stimuli
  • Sample Forms and trouble-shooting considerations

Author: William Connors, MA,CCC-SLP.  One of the aphasia expert clinicians at AphasiaToolbox, Bill has helped thousands of SLPs and organizations gain advanced competence in the treatment of aphasia and its related disorders at numerous venues.



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